Finding Part-Time Jobs On Campus

I’m a peer advisor here in BSOS and I worked here since my sophomore year so almost two years of working here I’m from campus recreation services and I’m the assistant director for Student Personnel I’m graphic designer for Stamp marketing so I do mainly promotional items for different departments in this building and other marketing materials My name is Lisa Hegwood I am a guest services manager with the Stamp Student Union Center for campus life with the guest services areas we have the information desk the ticket office in our building managers that work here in the stand my name is Eden Ejigineh I’m a psychology major and will be manager of the stamp student union center for campus life hi my name is Nora Czumak I’m the business manager for the Department of fraternity and sorority life my name is Shannon clash and I’m a rising senior broadcast journalism major and a human development minor and I’m actually a student undergraduate staff I started working as a mentor here for America counts but I am now a team leader and I’ve been working as an America Reads mentor for a year I was recently a mentor for America Reads America Counts I am recently now a team leader students can apply for jobs either through the Stamp website so or they can go to the Federal Work Study website and look for any of our listings there students can apply for a job here by submitting a cover letter and a resume to great Terps at pretty easy to apply at campus recreation services the first step is to submit an online application at our website at and from there we replace your application in our database and we hire three times a year basically applied I went to their website completed their application which is very simple pretty much you answer questions you have a couple of paragraphs on descriptions that you could that you need to give and then I came in for their interview it wasn’t too difficult but it was on it asked for you know what any interview would ask for I applied in the fall and got hired for the fall after doing the application application they just gave me a phone call I set up an interview with the supervisor and two senior peer advisors I applied for this job choice actually one time the end of my freshman year one time the end of my sophomore year the first time I ran I wasn’t really expecting much I’m just trying to get interview experience but the second time around I worked on my portfolio a lot um and I think they saw the growth that I’ve had and over a year and so they decided to hire me I was an information desk assistant my junior year and then I got promoted into the position so there is an interview process between the information desk and the building manager where I would sit in with Lisa head with my supervisor and another building manager and they would ask me a couple of questions about personality traits that i have that would make me perfect for the position and that’s why I got the job.

In the guest services area we are looking for students who are first and foremost customer-focused we have about 17,000 people that come through the stamp doors each day so each one of those people needs our help and we need to you know be able to help them in any way that they can second we need somebody with a great attitude somebody who’s going to be positive and somebody’s going to show up to work every day and somebody who is responsible I’m looking for students who are professional who can communicate whether it’s either internal with our full-time staff our grad students faculty staff that come in and out and you know if they’re a chapter advisor and alumni we have a lot of alumni support and it’s important to be able to communicate with them. I think what we’re looking for is pretty similar to what every campus employers looking for the reliability dependability but at campus recreation service we’re really brand ambassadors for wellness and for being a champion for living well and healthy so the quality is that we’re looking for our people who kind of understand wellness who want to understand wellness a little bit more than just the physical and the exercise nutrition we love freshman and pretty much anyone who wants to work for a campus recreation services of a particular freshman yes we are willing to hire freshman one of our graduating students this past May started here in her freshman year we absolutely hire freshman my favorite part of working here probably be like the network game in terms of like meeting people cuz you come across like different peoples and they’re from different backgrounds and some of them are like a little crazy and then other customers are really cool it just varies day today really I think my favorite part of the job is all the desserts that come in here all the food I feel like every Monday there’s a different dessert like today there’s brownies I favorite part about the job is at the end of the year when you actually see the progress that these kids have made and the difference that you’ve made not only as a team leader but as we mentor favorite part of the job is just seeing the child improve from the beginning they you know can’t really read many words or they’re like not familiar with a lot of you know sounds and stuff like that so by the end of the semester when they’re able to just like read off of the page quickly it’s just great to see that I helped to do that

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