Do Staffing Agencies Only Hire Temporary Employees? | SMGS #4

Welcome to the Staffing Myths Game Show! I’m your host Kerry McTrevor. Our returning contestant is Shawn from Salt Lake City, Utah. He will attempt to win points by correctly answering questions regarding common myths in the staffing industry. Shawn, after three rounds of play you have a score of negative 1800 points. Which category would you like to choose now? Why don’t we go with Jobs. The category is Jobs. Question 1. Do staffing agencies only hire temporary employees? Of course they do! And of course you’re wrong! Staffing agencies hire for a broad range of job types and duration, ranging from temporary, to temp-to-hire, to long-term permanent jobs. Employment at staffing agencies can last days, weeks, months, or years. Question 2. Is there room for advancement in staffing? Absolutely not! And you’re absolutely wrong! The skills and experience you acquire while working with a staffing agency don’t just go away. They will help you long-term whether your goal is to advance within the organization you work for, or to climb the corporate ladder.

Question 3. Are staffing jobs real jobs with real companies? Well this show has the name “myth” in it. So no, they are jobs with mythical companies. Shawn, I’m just going to do you a favor and turn your scoreboard off. The correct answer is staffing agency jobs are as real as jobs get. You can find work with local, national, and even global organizations via staffing and gain experience at a variety of companies and job opportunities that you would otherwise may not have had access to. You can and will work with excellent companies. Final question. Shawn, what are you doing on this show? Seriously man, you know nothing about staffing. I thought Staffing Myths had to do with mythical people who carry staffs.

Like Gandalf. You thought this was a gameshow about wizards? Or Indiana Jones and the staff of ra! Which mythical staff is the one I can use to knock some sense into you? Well, in ancient Greece there was a… Now word from our sponsor! At Your Employment Solutions we work to be the best staffing agency in Utah. We hire for a wide variety of good Utah jobs in multiple industries ranging from temp to long-term positions. Simply put, we want to get you the right job with the right company.

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4 Reasons to Partner with a Temp Staffing Agency

Align:start [Music] I’m Hannah with president of corporate consulting recently I was working with one of my clients on developing growth strategies for his company one of the challenges my client faces was the seasonality of his work so during certain season he receives a lower number of orders and during other seasons he receives a large amount of orders we explored several options and several solutions and one of the solution was hiring through temporary staffing agency I want to share with you why you might consider working with a temporary staffing agency if you face the same challenge the term temp Affairs – hiring temporary workers to handle temporary work assignments or seasonal work and the hiring process is done through temp staffing agency while the workers work for you all the administrative and financial work or tasks are done by the staffing agency the first reason to consider this type of staffing is to lower your costs and increase the return on investment when we calculate the cost per hire we should include all the costs and expenses associated with the all the recruitment cycle starting with the job advertising – posting the the job receiving resumes managing candidates pre-screening shortlist think interviewing and all these steps until the end of the recruitment cycle the expenses add up to a large amount of money and at the same time the risk is that you cannot guarantee the quality of hires so if you face this challenge of fluctuating workload within your company working with attempt staffing agency will enable you to cut all these direct costs the second reason to work with agencies staffing agency is to have access to market specific knowledge there are staffing agencies specialized in IT sector only some agencies are specialized in admin and accounting work some work in the food or manufacturing industries those agencies have specialized knowledge in a niche field and also they have access to both active and passive work seekers in addition they have the technical capacity to screen candidates for you and make sure that these candidates satisfy your requirements or the specific skills that you need the third reason to consider working with a temporary staffing agency is to speed up the hiring process the traditional hiring or recruitment cycles might take weeks and even months just to fulfill one of a concei so with the capabilities of those staffing agency you can fill vacancies in a very short time and even replace any worker if things didn’t go well replace the person with another qualified candidate one of the important reasons to work with temporary staffing agency in the post staffing service or post hiring service your relationship with the staffing agency will not end by the filling of the vacancy in fact the staffing agency will still work with you on more administrative work employment insurance for example handling WSIB claims for you the flexibility of working with tempura staff agency is a big consideration if you have fluctuating workload I hope this helped you if you want more tips like this or you have more questions subscribe to our channel in the subscribe button you

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