How to Hire a New Employee : Conducting the Job Interview: Hiring a New Employee

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth Training, I’m here today on behalf of to talk about tips and techniques for hiring a new employee. In this clip I’d like to talk about actually conducting the job interview. You need to think and really plan for this. You need to determine where you’re going to conduct this interview, remember this process of hiring somebody works two ways. You want to hire the best applicant but at the same time you want this applicant to choose your company.

When people are unemployed they tend to be looking for lots of different jobs and so there’s a two way decision being made, so you need to think about where am I holding this interview, what is the setting while I hold this interview, you need to think about what are the questions I’m going to ask, you know I’m going to welcome this applicant what is the process of this interview, am I going to welcome, we’re going to do small talk followed by am I going to review the resume and ask specific questions based upon questions I had based on the resume, then am I going to go to a standard set of questions, what information am I going to provide the applicant about this position, about the company all of those things need to be organized ahead of time and though through so that each interview has a very similar nature to it.

The goal is to choose the best applicant and the best way to do that is to have a series of established questions and protocol and processes and if you follow them then in the end you have a similar process by which to measure everybody and then from that to be able to make the decision on best applicant. You don’t only want to go by you don’t want to discount gut instinct but you don’t want to depend on gut instinct you want to be able to use your questions to actually validate skills, validate knowledge so that you’ll know that the person you’re hiring has the skills that you’re looking for..

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