FedEx Logo – Lindon Leader | Logo design & Designer review

Hello and welcome to this video Gareth here from In this video we’re going to look at the Fedex logo learn a little bit about the logo designer behind it. The Fedex logo we designed in 1994 by an American designer by the name of Linda Leader Lindon Leader is a recipient of more than 30 prestigious design awards worldwide, currently runs his own firm Leader Creative and has worked for some of the leading branding firms in the world included Addison, Disney and Motorola. Linden’s logo design work includes: Novariant Hawaiian Airlines ALSCO and the 2008 National Senior Games championships Festival to name a few. Tho out of all his logo designs one of his most famous is his Fedex logo This logo was designed in 1994 to replace the previous logos that had been used e the 1970’s. The Fedex logo is often credited as one of the greatest and most popular logos ever designed has one over 40 design awards and is very popular amongst designers the logo is often used as a good example of how to use negative space efficiently in logo design.

To quote Lindon Leader: I strive for two things in design simplicity and clarity great design is born of those two things. So the Fedex logo is essentially a Logotype / Wordmark logo. What is clever about this logo and what makes it famous is that the capital ‘E’ and the lower case ‘x’ sits next to each other in such a way to create an arrow pointing right in the negative space.

This is here to subliminal suggest speed, direction forward, accuracy and thinking. The wordmark is a bold San Serif typeface and is said to be based on a modified mixture of: Universe 67 bold condensed and Future bold. To quote an interview article with Lindon Leader: I was studying Universe 67 Bold condensed and Futura Bold both wonderful faces. But each had its potential limitations. Neither was particularly suited to forcing an arrow into its assigned parking place without torturing the beautifully crafted letterformes of the respective faces. I took the best characteristics of both and combined them into unique and proprietary letterforms that included both ligatures and higher x-height, or increased size of the lower-case letters relative to the Capitol letters.

I worked these features around until the arrow seemed quite natural in shape and location To date the Fedex logo has become part of a set here we can see various services incapsulating a different color. The Fedex express logo utilizes two colours, purple and orange. Other logos keep the purple but change the colour of the ‘Ex’ for example Fedex corporation which utilizes a purple and silver. So what can we learn about this story? Well the Fedex logo is often credited as one of the greatest and most popular logos ever designed.

So what makes it so popular? Its beauty is in the clever, simple and well placed subliminal message. It’s not easy getting across the nature of the product or business in a logo. If done literally it can come across cliche but this logo is a stroke of genius and achieve this in a subtle use of negative space. At first glance it appears to be a standard Bold wordmark but on closer inspection we see the use of negative space between the capital ‘E’ and the ‘x’ subliminally suggesting speed, direction forward, accuracy and thinking It really does not get more simple and direct than this. A logo design is ultimately visual communication A logo typically only has a small space and one instance to communicate. With clever use of negative space and visual elements.

If executed well the subliminal logo can communicate more with less often expressing few complex messages. The Fedex logo is a perfect example of this. When developing a logo design keep in mind the qualities that subliminal messaging can add to your logo design. If you’d like to learn more about the FedEx logo and Lindon Leader You can find some interesting article links in the description. So that’s one of many logos and designers I have spoken about If you enjoyed this video I want to watch more like it you can see more episodes in the ‘Famous Logos’ playlist link is in the description Well I hope you enjoyed this video If you did hit the like button on my Facebook page If you’d like to see more videos like this in future hit the subscribe button and you can also follow me on Twitter @TastyTuts so until next time have fun guys and I’ll see you in the next video!

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Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review pt. 2

Hey Hello everyone I’m The Process section of Chris In the first episode you see we are rebuilding Blind website Design wireframes ah ah things like Now that we have received notification developer They will show us the first draft of the outcome That is, they have done the part and write code Now it has to life and began to breathe I really want to see it immediately particularly excited But it is also a risky But it is also a risky Sometimes you get exactly what you want, sometimes it is not Anyway, I was very optimistic Let’s go and see I come back to try again You heard me say I designed sandwich I am Jose Caballer, I’m talking about commercial design I’m talking about a lot of things I’m Chris Do, I talk about the design of business In the center of this operating system, it is about …

Jose, we can not tell them the name of this column ah I hate you ah old iron Now you are watching is The Process column This is the blog Home There are some of the above Featured articles They will load up in time you scroll down the page Why shown above it work page? This is the blog page ah That should be another page …… oh The highlight should be the blog page did you see it? Nothing can escape my eyes I got it! Well this is just a demo version of Chris Leave it Here is what? This one is no problem I think I have to add page numbers in the points here So that we can from positioning, page by page Well, roll down to see these references They come from the inspiration of the label blog There are several tabs? It is a right? Only this one Oh no Well, I do not like it so small a moment of great moment There should be the same size, can accommodate a long quote Then remains the same size I think most of us are quite short quote So I never considered this would happen Some people add to the mix a long sentence Yes Ok But it still should be a fixed size I do not like it at the moment for a while May I Ok You did not view it Ok Ok Nothing wrong Well, then we look at the next page From the blog home page you can click on any article This article is an example of a page, which means that there will be more in-depth content to show Blog in more depth Each link-oriented items specified Because we have a project page corresponding to these two have Well, I like its simplicity and openness This layout like with your right I will not speak out of turn Yes, in the design of the page is almost entirely fit with the design draft pretty good All of these are on the look of the font size Here are a little big You’re absolutely perfect fit means that the pixels do Ah I think it would mean that almost That term is called Pixel Perfect All dynamic efficiency should be much faster than it is now Yes ah you do not know me ……

And this part is too high Ok It should be about the same size now 2/3 Well, here we are we altered This page is the ability, we will put a summary above That we have the ability to provide each service And then highlights some specific things we can do It looks very good Yes ah look great With the overall cleanliness of the ride is open I do not want to retain the title pages of the dynamic efficiency Little too I think we have to pay attention to where the page using dynamic efficiency, and by how much I agree Then we might add a Featured activities at the top Then the index of all activities Then add a behavior here call button (call-to-action) Arrange for speaking engagements Since we started doing this last time When we tell them the specific details? Now we just like to go with them It is time for them to do then down Or do you give them to write notes, and tell them to accelerate time to adjust specific content? Uh maybe we should email them and ask them what time When they are ready to see our comment And completed their first edition Ok Because I’m not sure how much time they need So how are you going to write notes? How to tell them this and that to be bigger or a little? Uh I probably will directly open the CSS, then the CSS value to them, so ……

Not work Possible Possible No, you can not do that why not Only do children why This is not the way you work Imagine customers open your AI file, and then move the graphic Then said: “Yes, that’s what I want!” What if I looked at this, and then, uh, how to say it I think this size is too big or too small But I do not know the specifics of big / small number I can open Firebug then adjust the numerical size, to ensure the right size You think I want to hear you say what Firebug right? You are online tease man do? no no forget it Never mind the Firebug I would say to shrink a little bit here You put this to enlarge or 1pt 2pt, then figure This is a style sheet, it should not be hard to do Ok Before you do I have a suggestion You’re a designer, you lead the project I hope you will then be marked screenshots For example, draw a red arrow and said it moved up here Here a little larger, a little smaller here Ah this is not ……

You can not restrain your desire to control what Ok Do not Within the error range should be no problem Overall no major problems, nothing would make me say “This is simply the worst! I’ll give them a call.” This is a good thing ah It is indeed a good thing, sometimes you see the first draft and then will feel “My sweet Lord this is what the hell, told me nothing like ah.” You see my arm! At that time I kinda type Look over there, you see my deltoid yet You can see your abs Just a This is the ability of page Do you think I’m fat? No ah no Our core values ​​of the company into a slideshow Jump in the past, it was Matt I do not want to see him, he kept great stature Ah this is our team very good Ok Let’s look at this ……

This will be Matthew All right, I saw I felt it was a bit eccentric Oh These are basically move from our old site over Yes, just for a change position well Here are these modules You can click to see Matthew’s work or posts It’s like the same Amazon shopping cart “recommended to you” For several reasons, we need to redesign our website First, because we have several years we did not have to turn over the site And people often make this mistake You design a website, then leave it there Neither update nor update format However, Web design specification a lot of things are bound to change More and more screen sizes need to consider how adaptation, but also new technologies But the more important reason is that if you have been watching this story We have to change the site information transfer We now want to do is talk about what we are doing Show some case studies which show their work and This level is so We want people to focus on what we’re talking about What we want to do What we want to do Before we get to see them work Now is the case study This is the directory of case studies There are a lot of pictures to promote special projects Well, they are our brand items right Ok We look at the case study details page Wait a minute wait a minute This should not be a full bleed? It should be, ah Ok should be This window pattern on this need to enlarge Okay, take it down Because it shows the effect of not I do not see the right arrow Here are some parts It describes all the things we do, including print and web We can compile a set of these pictures together How to define the distance between the picture? This is not ……

Oh this is vertically aligned? Ah ha Ah ha I know Here you should probably have a spacing I mean, if we want them to overlap, then also OK It is to tell them Okay This is another version of the home page works This is a case study This is all the items Yes Yes In theory, we should be able to filter for specific categories of works here It can also filter by the person in charge Scroll to the bottom of this page will continue to load directly So you do not have the extra click to see other works Classic infinite scroll Infinite scroll When the mouse hovers over the image from black color Right, they should become colored And perhaps should also display the name of the project Now you do not show it? Do not show Ok This is the last page, contains three types of works, it featured what recommendation ah Case studies we used the full width of the picture Then all the project is divided into three columns Here are two columns the last page This is the last page That is item details page This page much like the case with analysis But the introduction to a little bit different Information is not the same Look back when fewer changes in layout Before those columns blank ah ah here are gone This looks a little more intuitive Ok It may take up two columns This is no full-bleed Yes Copyright signature on the bottom Rather than as a label on the top Here again show related items Well, this first edition is a very good start There are a few small areas that need attention I know they’ll be changing for the better the next version When I give to the home page text content? Any time the contents put up all right now and just do you want to upload It is such a thing I’ll give you something I always list the column That is so beautiful Thank you I always list the column, this says where “Writing Blind landing page text” This still have not tick And this is before some time OK then I have to go to cool for a while in order to have the energy to write text Home But I’m sure what to say the This looks superb, I particularly look forward to its successful launch We had expected release date yet? Development section should be completed at the end of this month End of September Well, that is not later than the end of this month End of September Great So next time I come with you proofread this time That is the time to keep up with the next episode of Jamie We will be more concerned about the functionality of the website, which is starting to see the link does not work Because there is nothing to change the design of, and this is good news for us Great Since this is an internal project, I can handle customers Ok That is my own I have to say it And other sites on the new line, we have to pay attention to the use of some new marketing spirit Our sales staff will sell us a new way Now we lead the brand strategy Rather than doing purely design Our first two years and a half or so of work will come to an end In other words, we tried also confirmed the theory Ah ha We have now accumulated enough experience to have the confidence to say This is the work we are doing, please love us Yes Thank you for watching Our next goodbye Look over there Look at two girls Next time talking with both of them But not today They do not They pretend not hear me, see me, or I’m simply does not exist May you all right You ready front of the camera for inspection yet

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I’m Scott Lamlein with North Forty Road Web Design. We do clear, concise and compelling websites for small businesses. Those websites can easily be edited in WordPress which means that a business owner can add and change his content at any time, add pictures. Their website can grow with them. But beyond that, I’m a guy, I’m a husband, I’m a dad, I’m an honest business person, I really love to get to know other people and what their businesses are about and find ways to help them utilize online technology to make their business grow. I think a real big trend in web design now is get as much stuff on the page as you can and I think sites like even Amazon are guilty of let’s have every little bell and whistle on one page so you can find it and small businesses in particular have three seconds to get someone’s attention and get the information out there in a place that people can find it, so it’s real important to have things be very clear and almost minimalist in design. It is supposed to do something, yes! [Laughter] Yeah, so I think it is both esthetic and functional, that the more you have on a page the less people will pay attention and their eyes will be drawn to the point which is a call to action or some way to drive more people to your business.

There are a number of really wonderful reputable web designers out there, but there a lot of folks who are just in it for a short term project or a short term sale and not really going anywhere, or are going somewhere! [Laughter] I mean I get weekly phone calls from folks who say, “My web designer disappeared”. My company does a good job marketing for people because we’re genuinely excited about their future and how we can help them get there. We offer a free consultation which is a great way to get started on a new project, or you might be interested in our blog where we offer weekly business tips and positive energy messages that I think any business owner can benefit from..

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Where to find affordable web design and online marketing in 2017

Mark and Sarah were tired of their jobs and had a great idea for launching their business. They were excited to get started. Then they learned 8 out of 10 new businesses fail before they reach their 5th year. So, they did their homework. Mark researched market size and competition for their new business. And Sarah did financial diligence to determine what costs were involved to get their business long and growing. They were off to a good start. You know what else Mark and Sarah discovered? They found out that thousands of businesses fail every year because poor marketing doesn’t bring enough leads.

No leads means no growth. Lots of startups build a website for themselves but often they’re not search engine optimized and no one finds them. Even with a great website you need to attract new customers like big companies do, by investing in online marketing. Many businesses fail even though they spend hundreds of hours refining their business model and investing thousands of dollars in products and equipment. Because they underestimate the need for ongoing marketing and neglect to set aside a good fund.

Wouldn’t it be great if Mark and Sarah has someone on their side? Someone with years of experience, starting growing and maintaining successful businesses? Think higher management consultants. They’re expensive and surprising number of them have never actually launched a business of their own. That’s what makes Rapid Web Launch different. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve felt the excitement of starting a new business, put in the hard work and long hours, and dealt with many obstacles. But eventually got to enjoy success. We launched our own business by bringing new invention to market. Previously, no one had ever heard of bright cleaning hockey gear. How did we educate a new market and gained an exposure for new products with no marketing staff? And a small budget? Through hundreds of hours of research, learning from industry experts, and our own trial and error. Eventually we achieved outstanding results by leveraging an attractive website, combined with business savvy internet marketing. Including SEO, social media, paper clip campaigns, and video marketing. In 2013, we started Rapid Web Launch to provide our services to business looking to launching growth. We leverage our experience to give people Mark and Sarah a short cut to success.

There are a lot of internet marketing companies out there, so why work with us? Well, we’re a family business and we love what we do. We know how to build beautiful websites and attract customers using internet marketing tools that cost a fraction of what the other guys charge. Letting you keep more your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Working with Rapid Web launch was a good choice for Mark and Sarah. They have now an attractive search optimized website and an internet marketing plan that promotes 24/7. They’re off to a great start with good times ahead. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. If you would like to promote your business and attract new customers, contact us today and let’s get started.

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