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Sea Monkeys

(Fun facts about sea monkeys. Did you know a sea monkey has three eyes?....sea monkey facts for old and young)

What are sea monkeys?

The little sea monkeys are a form of brine shrimp and have a cool biological name: Artemia NYOS. The ones that you have bought live longer than normal brine shrimp because they are hybrids. They are also called seed shrimps.

How long do they live?

The sea monkeys will live up to two years.

How big will sea monkeys become?

So big that they will swallow your house - only kidding! When they hatch you will think that there is nothing - simply because they are so tiny. They grow and become the size of a full stop (.) and then grow some more. Please don't throw the water out because you don't see them. The sea monkeys grow up to 15 mm in length in around 4 weeks. Okay that means 1.5cm in one month. Take a ruler and then see how long 1.5cm is. Once they reach this length they will mate and make more sea-monkey babies - ain't it cool?

Can they harm anyone?

Only those that hate them.... but no they are innocent little sea pets.

How many eyes do sea monkeys have?

Only one when born and then they develop two more eyes - to make a total of three eyes. So you can call them your three eye monsters!

How do seamonkeys breathe?

Through their feet - can you believe it?

Seamonkey mating fact:

Did you know that sea-monkeys kiss and cuddle as well?

Can seamonkeys swim upside down?

Yes they can - they breathe through their feet and when they want more oxygen they will swim upside down. In fact fairy shrimps which are family of the seamonkeys always swim upside down.

The water evaporated from my tank and I added a lot of fresh water will they die?

Not to worry. As the water evaporates from your sea pet tank you will find that salt becomes more concentrated. The sea monkeys or sea pets will adapt to the water, but don't throw in salt unless you have thrown in a lot of fresh water. In this case it will be a shock on them. Use the salt from our salt rocks only to break of a pinch to add to the water. Only add small amounts of distilled water or bottled water as a general rule so that they can adapt slowly.

Should I change the water?
No only fill up.

Should I remove algae from the tank?
No unless it becomes a problem. The sea pets love to feed on them and the algae gives oxygen. Indirect sunlight helps to grow algae.

How will I know that my seamonkeys are well fed?
They will grow a white tail from behind - that is their pooh... They will have black stomachs if they are full.

What must I do if my seamonkey tank is smelly and the sea pets die?
If the tank smells really funny you can do the following - and only if the smell is bad.

1. Get a coffee filter and aclean glass where you will keep your sea pets for a while.

2. Take the seamonkeys out of the tank and put them in the clean glass with some of the water from your sea monkey tank.

3. Filter the seamonkey tank water through a coffee filter a few times to make sure that all the stuff is gone.

4. Clean the bottom and sides of the seamonkey tank with a paper towel

5. Put the sea pets back in the sea monkey tank.

6. Top up the tank with distilled water or bottled water.

7. Aerate the tank often for the first days and then every day twice.

8. Feed them the first day and then against within 3 days with the small end of the spoon.

My tank has cotton wool stuff in it, what must I do?
Remove it as it is bacteria that will harm the seamonkeys and the balance in the sea pet tank.

Why is my seamonkey not growing?
If it is too cold they will not grow. Get them into a warm spot.

Should I remove the white crystal stuff around the top of the tank?
Only if it is a problem for you. It is only salt and minerals.

Can the sea-monkeys harm my other sea pets?
Not at all. Other sea pets can harm them and will most probably try to eat them.

I don't have another tank, but want to seperate the sea-monkey babies from the adults, what can I do?
Get a 300ml jar and clean it well. Make sure it is well rinsed and transfer the sea-monkey babies. You should however use the water purifier first to ensure there are no harmful bacteria in the water. Leave for 24 hours and add the babies to their nursery.

My sea-monkey babies die before they become adults, what can the problem be?
The water can be contaminated or not have enough oxygen. Aerate -thus blow in fresh oxygen into the tank once a day for 14 days or stir the water for 30 seconds a day to give them some more oxygen. There can also be too many sea-monkeys in the tank. Seperate the babies from the adults by transferring them to another tank. If the water is very clouddy it means that you are overfeeding. Only feed them once a week with the small tip of the spoon. Only feed them with the large tip if you have a huge colony in a larger tank.

Can I put my sea monkeys with my fish?
Only if you want to feed your fish.. so no!

Can I feed the sea-monkey pets fish food?
No, they will die.

Can sea-monkeys be different colors?
Yes, they love to change colors. The colors range from white up to a deep dark red.

I have sea-monkeys that are attached to each other and stay at one place, what does it mean?
It means you have sea-monkey pets busy with mating. Expect small babies soon.

I have sea monkeys with whiskers under their chins and which are attached - what does it mean?
It means you have two male sea-monkey pets caught in a fight. The males enjoy a good fight and you should not interupt.

Do the females also fight?
No they are more loving.

Is tap water okey to use?
No only bottled or distilled water should be used.

Can I put my sea monkey tank in the sun?
Yes, sea-monkey pets love the sun, but remember not to put them in direct sunlight as the tank will become too hot.

What is the ideal temperature for my sea-monkey tank?
Around 22 degrees celcius.

Can I add food coloring to the water?
Not unless you want them to die.

How often should I change the water?
Don't change the water.



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