Today’s Employee: Creative. Adaptive. Temporary.

Today in an economy that’s marked with technological change and globalization and heightened competition, uncertainty, companies recognize that they really need to be adaptive. And in order to successfully adapt their organizations they need to be able to recruit, manage and retain people who themselves are adaptive, people who themselves are entrepreneurial, able to take risk. Really, what organizations do to attract these sorts of entrepreneurial people is to deliver a value proposition that resonates with ambitious talent. And the way we distill that value proposition is in the word transformation. Amazing, ambitious, talented, entrepreneurial employees seek the opportunity to transform themselves, their organization and the world at large.

They want to know that by working at your company they will have the opportunity to acquire skills, develop experiences, grow their network and in general make their Linked In profile look more impressive. They want to be on the winning teams within the company. And they want to know that they’re not just going to be shuffling papers but really have the opportunity to transform the company’s trajectory. In the modern world lifetime employment is over. It’s just not the case that great people want to spend 50 straight years working for the same organization. And it’s highly unlikely that the same organization will need that particular type of person and that particular personality and skill set for the rest of time.

Far better to be open and honest on day one. Far better to have what we call an alliance conversation whereby the manager sits down with the employee and says: “What I do want you to do is to be able to commit to me ethically. That you’ll stick around for a meaningful period of time, for what we call a tour of duty. And do real work at this organization that helps transform the company. And as your ally I will make sure that over the course of that tour of duty I will invest in you. And that by you staying for that meaningful but realistic period of time you will experience career growth. You will develop skills that matter in the market.

You will grow your network.” That’s what the alliance is all about. Mutual investment and mutual benefit. Both sides get ahead if both sides can trust each other enough to invest in each other for a realistic period of time. That’s how you maximize employee engagement. And at the end of the tour of duty maybe it makes sense for the employee to leave the company and move on or maybe it makes sense for the employee to do another tour of duty. And so I think that’s what the modern dynamic around employee engagement and retention looks like. It’s realism but it’s with an emphasis on an alliance and mutual benefit in order to effectively engage and retain great people for realistic periods of time..

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Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor (Part 1/5)

Align:start temp labor in a way isn’t looked at as an industry but it’s a sector in it’s an industry and the industry is dealing in moving human beings so instead of moving Tomatoes I move human beings around [Music] we live in a time when at the click of a mouse goods from around the globe can arrive conveniently at our doorstep mega retailers like Walmart and Amazon have created a seamless and efficient system to get our goods to us quickly Amazon is a great example of what’s possible last year during the busiest day of the Christmas rush customers around the world ordered more than 300 items from Amazon every second and a lot of those traveled through this building what’s not seeing are the people who actually make this possible kept out of the public eye our temp workers employed without benefits or securities they play an integral role in keeping costs down and profits high many of these workers stay silent for fear of retribution often having their livelihoods put in jeopardy if they speak out they wrote oh boy they’re wanting to know more about this integral yet invisible workforce we traveled across the country scouring warehouses temp agencies and temp towns in search of the people who make our world of same-day delivery possible over 70% of our consumer goods come into the u.s.

From overseas unloaded at mega ports like the Los Angeles Long Beach maritime terminal cargo ships carrying up to 12 thousand containers dock here every day and the goods they carry are unloaded and brought to warehouses to be unpacked and sorted for the West Coast an area an hour east of Los Angeles known as the Inland Empire which was once filled with horse ranches and citrus groves is now warehouse Central we’re out in front of Schneider logistics which exclusively serves Walmart they have over two million square feet of warehouse space here in the Inland Empire and it actually spans three different cities the Inland Empire has the largest concentration of warehouses in the world and they serve other retailers too like GE Nestle Home Depot and Kmart to name a few as retailers increase their online sales it’s at places like these that the essential tasks of sorting labeling and loading the stuff we buy happens online sales are growing at a dizzying pace as consumers increasingly look to the web to make purchases in the big retails for instance we will probably see a lot of the behind-the-scenes workers actually being temps and the conditions in these warehouses can be deplorable because we as American consumers now myself included expect our goods to be shipped to us just like that so what is it like working at a warehouse what are the challenges temp workers face so we’re meeting Xavier here and we’re gonna hear from him what it was like working inside one of those massive warehouses Javier’s job was to unpack and repack containers at a warehouse where goods were often moved within the span of a few hours what were you doing when you were at the warehouse nosotros cuando lleguemos nos a sigma bond on trial n específico y des des a trailer que nosotros tenemos que descargar lo a mano y tenemos que de poner lone diferentes trailers che ran diferentes u da days destinos and we’re there any grievances that you had working in those conditions ah bien ocasion SK personas aquella que lastima Baba’s son maar movimiento bueno Marita Elmo t / que no se trabajando spor que ellos me SPD Aaron entonces m-pesa ser UN Blanco por medio’ de mi simply adores poor Elmo tuve que yo siempre al-sabah la voz para offender pues mess Konami salud pero también la a Mis compañeros Javier’s problems with accountability and safety are common for warehouse workers and as the sector of employment expands more and more people are subject to this kind of treatment since the recession temporary employment has increased has added more jobs than any other industry in the United States the earliest leader of the temporary help industry was Elmer winter who founded and was the CEO of manpower incorporated manpower is the largest temp industry from its founding in the late 40s through the 1990s in the early years of the temporary help industry they very much played on this idea that temp work was women’s work in the public arena all of the images that they sold of temporary employment was of these kind of white middle-class very feminine women one of the big things that changed I kind of set the context for these cultural ideological changes was really the rise in global competition basically employers had a choice about how to respond and one of those responses could have been to invest in workers and instead they took what policymakers called the low road and D invested in workers cut permanent employees and temped out jobs temps are increasingly part of a profitable business strategy of corporate giants last year wal-mart the world’s largest retailer had its best shopping season yet an Amazon continues to expand its warehouses and fulfillment centers even President Obama has gotten on board because this type of labor is impossible to outsource Amazon is a great example of what’s possible last year during the busiest day of the Christmas rush customers around the world ordered more than 300 items from Amazon every second and a lot of those traveled through this building what Obama doesn’t mention in his speech is how many of these industries are using template to get back on their feet in some distribution warehouses temps outnumber direct hires so in general the relationship between clients company or the worksite company a staffing agency and attempt scholars have called this a triangular employment relationship so unlike the normal employment relationship which just has two entities a worker and an employer this has three entities it’s supposed to be clear who is responsible who is liable for the workers but in reality it’s not always clear once we learn that staffing agencies are is important to the logistical system as warehouses we started to see them everywhere we follow the railroad tracks to Chicago the heart of the country supply chain we’re yet another intermediary has arisen van drivers called right arrows who do the dirty work temp agencies won’t yeah there’s one right there it looks like it’s like maybe eight ten potentially more people in there [Music]

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Do Staffing Agencies Only Hire Temporary Employees? | SMGS #4

Welcome to the Staffing Myths Game Show! I’m your host Kerry McTrevor. Our returning contestant is Shawn from Salt Lake City, Utah. He will attempt to win points by correctly answering questions regarding common myths in the staffing industry. Shawn, after three rounds of play you have a score of negative 1800 points. Which category would you like to choose now? Why don’t we go with Jobs. The category is Jobs. Question 1. Do staffing agencies only hire temporary employees? Of course they do! And of course you’re wrong! Staffing agencies hire for a broad range of job types and duration, ranging from temporary, to temp-to-hire, to long-term permanent jobs. Employment at staffing agencies can last days, weeks, months, or years. Question 2. Is there room for advancement in staffing? Absolutely not! And you’re absolutely wrong! The skills and experience you acquire while working with a staffing agency don’t just go away. They will help you long-term whether your goal is to advance within the organization you work for, or to climb the corporate ladder.

Question 3. Are staffing jobs real jobs with real companies? Well this show has the name “myth” in it. So no, they are jobs with mythical companies. Shawn, I’m just going to do you a favor and turn your scoreboard off. The correct answer is staffing agency jobs are as real as jobs get. You can find work with local, national, and even global organizations via staffing and gain experience at a variety of companies and job opportunities that you would otherwise may not have had access to. You can and will work with excellent companies. Final question. Shawn, what are you doing on this show? Seriously man, you know nothing about staffing. I thought Staffing Myths had to do with mythical people who carry staffs.

Like Gandalf. You thought this was a gameshow about wizards? Or Indiana Jones and the staff of ra! Which mythical staff is the one I can use to knock some sense into you? Well, in ancient Greece there was a… Now word from our sponsor! At Your Employment Solutions we work to be the best staffing agency in Utah. We hire for a wide variety of good Utah jobs in multiple industries ranging from temp to long-term positions. Simply put, we want to get you the right job with the right company.

If you’re looking for work in Utah, please visit any of our locations or find us online at

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How to Hire a New Employee : Conducting the Job Interview: Hiring a New Employee

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth Training, I’m here today on behalf of to talk about tips and techniques for hiring a new employee. In this clip I’d like to talk about actually conducting the job interview. You need to think and really plan for this. You need to determine where you’re going to conduct this interview, remember this process of hiring somebody works two ways. You want to hire the best applicant but at the same time you want this applicant to choose your company.

When people are unemployed they tend to be looking for lots of different jobs and so there’s a two way decision being made, so you need to think about where am I holding this interview, what is the setting while I hold this interview, you need to think about what are the questions I’m going to ask, you know I’m going to welcome this applicant what is the process of this interview, am I going to welcome, we’re going to do small talk followed by am I going to review the resume and ask specific questions based upon questions I had based on the resume, then am I going to go to a standard set of questions, what information am I going to provide the applicant about this position, about the company all of those things need to be organized ahead of time and though through so that each interview has a very similar nature to it.

The goal is to choose the best applicant and the best way to do that is to have a series of established questions and protocol and processes and if you follow them then in the end you have a similar process by which to measure everybody and then from that to be able to make the decision on best applicant. You don’t only want to go by you don’t want to discount gut instinct but you don’t want to depend on gut instinct you want to be able to use your questions to actually validate skills, validate knowledge so that you’ll know that the person you’re hiring has the skills that you’re looking for..

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Finding Part-Time Jobs On Campus

I’m a peer advisor here in BSOS and I worked here since my sophomore year so almost two years of working here I’m from campus recreation services and I’m the assistant director for Student Personnel I’m graphic designer for Stamp marketing so I do mainly promotional items for different departments in this building and other marketing materials My name is Lisa Hegwood I am a guest services manager with the Stamp Student Union Center for campus life with the guest services areas we have the information desk the ticket office in our building managers that work here in the stand my name is Eden Ejigineh I’m a psychology major and will be manager of the stamp student union center for campus life hi my name is Nora Czumak I’m the business manager for the Department of fraternity and sorority life my name is Shannon clash and I’m a rising senior broadcast journalism major and a human development minor and I’m actually a student undergraduate staff I started working as a mentor here for America counts but I am now a team leader and I’ve been working as an America Reads mentor for a year I was recently a mentor for America Reads America Counts I am recently now a team leader students can apply for jobs either through the Stamp website so or they can go to the Federal Work Study website and look for any of our listings there students can apply for a job here by submitting a cover letter and a resume to great Terps at pretty easy to apply at campus recreation services the first step is to submit an online application at our website at and from there we replace your application in our database and we hire three times a year basically applied I went to their website completed their application which is very simple pretty much you answer questions you have a couple of paragraphs on descriptions that you could that you need to give and then I came in for their interview it wasn’t too difficult but it was on it asked for you know what any interview would ask for I applied in the fall and got hired for the fall after doing the application application they just gave me a phone call I set up an interview with the supervisor and two senior peer advisors I applied for this job choice actually one time the end of my freshman year one time the end of my sophomore year the first time I ran I wasn’t really expecting much I’m just trying to get interview experience but the second time around I worked on my portfolio a lot um and I think they saw the growth that I’ve had and over a year and so they decided to hire me I was an information desk assistant my junior year and then I got promoted into the position so there is an interview process between the information desk and the building manager where I would sit in with Lisa head with my supervisor and another building manager and they would ask me a couple of questions about personality traits that i have that would make me perfect for the position and that’s why I got the job.

In the guest services area we are looking for students who are first and foremost customer-focused we have about 17,000 people that come through the stamp doors each day so each one of those people needs our help and we need to you know be able to help them in any way that they can second we need somebody with a great attitude somebody who’s going to be positive and somebody’s going to show up to work every day and somebody who is responsible I’m looking for students who are professional who can communicate whether it’s either internal with our full-time staff our grad students faculty staff that come in and out and you know if they’re a chapter advisor and alumni we have a lot of alumni support and it’s important to be able to communicate with them. I think what we’re looking for is pretty similar to what every campus employers looking for the reliability dependability but at campus recreation service we’re really brand ambassadors for wellness and for being a champion for living well and healthy so the quality is that we’re looking for our people who kind of understand wellness who want to understand wellness a little bit more than just the physical and the exercise nutrition we love freshman and pretty much anyone who wants to work for a campus recreation services of a particular freshman yes we are willing to hire freshman one of our graduating students this past May started here in her freshman year we absolutely hire freshman my favorite part of working here probably be like the network game in terms of like meeting people cuz you come across like different peoples and they’re from different backgrounds and some of them are like a little crazy and then other customers are really cool it just varies day today really I think my favorite part of the job is all the desserts that come in here all the food I feel like every Monday there’s a different dessert like today there’s brownies I favorite part about the job is at the end of the year when you actually see the progress that these kids have made and the difference that you’ve made not only as a team leader but as we mentor favorite part of the job is just seeing the child improve from the beginning they you know can’t really read many words or they’re like not familiar with a lot of you know sounds and stuff like that so by the end of the semester when they’re able to just like read off of the page quickly it’s just great to see that I helped to do that

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The Benefits of Part-Time Employees and Job Shares

Align:start according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 25 million US workers are considered part-time while some of these individuals are unable to find full-time work four out of five part-timers are doing so for non-economic reasons at pool of willing part-time workers almost 20 million strong may be an untapped asset for your business hello and welcome to HR / coffee a series from the experts at HR 360 where you will learn how to effectively hire manage and terminate employees many individuals choose part-time work as a way of balancing work life obligations such as childcare education and personal needs and interest certain industries such as retail or food service naturally lend themselves to hiring part-time employees but even if you traditionally hire full-time employees there are good reasons to consider bringing in part-timers particularly in professional capacities the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management or OPM outlines some of the benefits the agency sees to hiring part-time workers these include attracting and retaining highly qualified or uniquely skilled employees who may not be able to or choose not to work a full schedule providing coverage during recurring workload surges reducing overall employment expenditures and supporting diversity goals the flexibility inherent and part-time employment makes it an attractive arrangement for employer and employee alike and being able to meet their personal and family obligations can also foster engagement and satisfaction among employees making part-time work a valuable recruitment and retention tool in fact part-time work has the potential to be extremely satisfying for employees a survey by the Boston Consulting Group of 200,000 workers around the world ranked the top 3 contributors to happiness on the job as appreciation for their work good relationships with coworkers and a good work/life balance the right part-time position can deliver all three job sharing is another option for engaging part-time employees one in which two workers split the duties of a single position this arrangement works particularly well with positions where there is a clear delineation of duties or coverage job sharing takes communication creativity and planning including appropriate overlap time where both employees are together in the workplace for their part managers of job sharing employees get the benefits of double the expertise skills and problem-solving abilities as with any position it is essential with a part-time or job sharing arrangement that hours and duties be spelled out in writing the rules for calculating what constitutes a part-time position classifying a position as exempt or not from overtime requirements and complying with all relevant wage employment and benefit laws will depend on the individual job and state in question it’s prudent to check with legal counsel to ensure that all company policies and practices are in compliance with applicable law for a variety of the recruitment and hiring tools including an interactive Job Description builder and interview question builder along with the library of useful sample forms and notices visit us online at HR 360 com

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Part Time Employment Contract Template

Align:start so it’s taken some time and you’ve finally found the right person for the job do you need an employment contract well the truth is once you’ve made an offer of employment and that offer has been accepted by the other party you already have a contract in place an employment contract can be written verbal or a combination of both and all the binding contracts of employment are generally governed by the provisions set down by the Fair Work Act which means a verbal agreement will actually contain implied terms an implied term is any term that a court considers part of a contract even if that term has not been discussed by the parties now one would think that an employee has a duty to act in good faith but this is still a gray area of the law and only applies during the period of employment however most business owners expect that their staff not disclose sensitive information even after they’ve stopped working for the business by putting your agreement in writing you have a say in the expectations rights and responsibilities of the parties and there is less scope for the terms to be implied by clarifying the ground rules that may not be set out in legislation both parties will know exactly where they stand and that alone will reduce the possibility for misunderstandings and conflict flexibility is the main attraction of part-time employment not just for the employee but also the employer part-time employees are able to combine work with raising a family study or leisure activities while employers benefit from a more flexible workforce of course they work less hours than full-time employees and receive all the entitlements of a full-time staff member such as personal leave annual leave and superannuation on a proportional basis part-time employees may work under an award an enterprise agreement or a part-time work agreement which has been negotiated to suit the individual rpm Ruiz up to date part-time employment contract contains all the terms and conditions required to comply with a fair work act along with comprehensive instructions the contract or letter of offer in this kit sets out the relationship between the employer and the employee once the employee accepts the terms by signing the letter the letter becomes the employment contract the contract template is formatted in Microsoft Word for easy editing and can be used as often as you wish you really will be surprised just how easy this is and thrilled with the time and money you’ll save simply download your document edit and print

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